Best summer terraces of Burgas restaurants

Best summer terraces of Burgas restaurants

This is a brief overview of the most popular restaurants with summer terraces that we recommend visiting to experience the charm of the southern port city.

Unfortunately, the city of Burgas can’t compare to Sofia in terms of vast restaurant diversity. But Burgas still has one clear advantage, which is, of course, its proximity to the sea and amazing seaside panorama. The soft rays of the setting sun, the delicate sea breeze, the sound of waves and the freshest seafood - all of this attracts a large number of visitors to coastal restaurants and cafes, to cozy terraces with amazing views of the bay.

And at the top of the list, of course, are the restaurants located on the territory of the Burgas seaport:

Restaurant Dock 5 Burgas

This new restaurant resides in the Burgas seaport, on the first floor of Marina Hotel - where the port dock №5 was previously located, hence the unusual name of the establishment.

Modern interior and pleasant atmosphere make this place perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a short coffee break. The terrace tables allow you to admire the industrial landscape of port facilities, which look unusually romantic in the golden sunset hours. At the bar, you will find an assortment of original and classic cocktails, and on weekends, musicians and DJs will take care of your good mood. Great menu, quality drinks, good service.

Restaurant Dock 5 Burgar Bulgaria

Restaurant Dalyana Burgas

This restaurant, also located in the port, specializes in fish and seafood. Black Sea fish, mussels, squids, shrimps, as well as fresh cold beer and wine are always in great variety in the place’s menu. The summer terrace is right by the water near a dock to which pleasure boats moor. This is Burgas residents’ favorite place for family lunches and dinners - thanks to a large playground right outside the restaurant.

Restaurant Dalyana Burgas Bulgaria

Restaurant Jolly Roger

Imagine you are on a real pirate ship by visiting the upper deck of the Jolly Roger restaurant, which is located on the bay’s edge near the seaport lighthouse. Blue waves, white seagulls and a fresh sea breeze are calling you to a romantic adventure, and wooden furniture, fishing nets and a pirate flag waving high complete the atmosphere perfectly. The menu contains all the favorite local snacks and dishes, and the assortment of drinks will not disappoint as well.

Restaurant Jolly Roger Burgas Bulgaria

Neptun Restaurant

If you desire something more sophisticated, visit the Neptun Restaurant. It is located right by the sea, on the Burgas central beach in an exclusive building built in 1948 according to the project of a German architect. The restaurant has two floors and a spacious summer garden with access to the beach, which offers incredible sea views.

A unique atmosphere, Mediterranean and European cuisine, impeccable service - this is what this restaurant is famous for. An impressive wine list will satisfy even the most demanding visitors’ needs.

Restaurant Neptun, Burgas, Bulgaria

Restaurant Happy Bar & Grill (Lazur Burgas)

Happy restaurant, located in the Lazur quarter, across the street from the Sea Garden, is one of the most beloved places of Burgas residents and guests of the city. This place is famous for its varied, constantly updating menu, good service and ever-delicious food. The restaurant has a huge summer garden with 260 seats. When evening comes and the lights go on, the terrace fills with mouth-watering aromas, pleasant music and cheerful conversations in languages ​​from all across the globe.

Happy Bar & Grill, Lazur, Burgas, Bulgaria

NORMA Restaurant & Steak House

The restaurant is located in the southern part of the Sea Garden, close to busy pedestrian streets. The restaurant's small patio invites steak lovers to enjoy their favorite meal outdoors, in an atmosphere of relaxing comfort. Refined decor, light music and friendly staff create an extraordinary atmosphere that you can enjoy on a warm summer evening.

NORMA Restaurant & Steak House, Burgas, Bulgaria

Restaurant Pivovarnata / The Brewery

In the heart of Burgas, near the train station, resides a summer garden that belongs to the Pivovarnata brewery. The restaurant treats its guests with craft beer of its own production. Several types of this frothy drink, all brewed according to original recipes, perfectly complement simple but ever-popular dishes - steaks, sausages and burgers. Fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fresh beer – that’s what makes a great meal out in the fresh air, in the shade of green trees.

Pivovarnata - The Brewery, Burgas, Bulgaria

Zlatna Kotva Restaurant

The restaurant is located at the entrance to the Burgas Sea Garden, on a lively pedestrian street and is the oldest institution in the city (founded in 1927). The restaurant has a cozy elegant summer terrace with 110 seats.

Visiting this restaurant, you will enjoy traditional Bulgarian cuisine in a unique atmosphere. Here you can always try fresh Black Sea fish, and for seafood lovers the menu includes fresh mussels, octopus, crab, squid, shrimp, lobster and caviar.

Restaurant Zlatna Kotva, Burgas, Bulgaria

Restaurant La Mar

To forget about the bustle of the city and to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of a luxurious sea resort… All it takes is to visit La Mar restaurant in the Sarafovo quarter. The picturesque view of the sea from the terrace will not leave anyone indifferent. Green lawns, palm trees and fountains surround cozy gazebos and tables. A romantic date, a family celebration, even a wedding – this restaurant is a great choice for any event.

Restourant La Mar, Burgas, Bulgaria

Restaurant Diverso

This small Italian restaurant is located on one of the narrow streets of the old city. Very cozy, hidden from prying eyes, its patio has its own unique flavor. This place is perfectly suitable for any kind of gathering, accompanied by great cuisine, light pleasant music and a good summer mood.

Bar & restaurant Diverso, Burgas, Bulgaria


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