Seaside Park in Burgas - summer entertainment for tourists of all ages - free and paid

Seaside Park in Burgas - summer entertainment for tourists of all ages - free and paid

Where to go first if you come to Burgas? To Seaside Park, because it’s not only a green zone that separates the city from the beach, but also one of the main attractions of the city. There is entertainment for people of all ages and interests. But first, a bit of history.

The Seaside City Park is the former official name of the park, which the inhabitants of Burgas now simply call “Sea Garden”.

The history of the park began in 1910. Prior to this, quite a small area near 5-star Primoretz Hotel served as a green zone for city walks. The new manager of the landscape gardening, architect Georgy Duhtev, significantly expanded the boundaries of the park, laid alleys and planted trees and shrubs that were brought from Hungary, Italy, France, Syria and Lebanon. By 1924, the park was completed. Many trees in it have almost a century of history.

Today, the park occupies a huge area of ​​72 hectares and completely frames the city’s long beach area. The southern part of the park rests against the seaport of Burgas, the northern - goes up to the Atanasovsko Lake. The Sea Garden is the favorite place for citizens to relax at any time of the year, but in summer the park is especially crowded.


So, here’s what you can do in there in summer:

If you are 3-12 years old, we recommend you:

  • visit the amusement park in the central part - a ticket for each attraction is 1-1,5 euro

  • play on one of the equipped playgrounds - for free

  • jump in a small fountain near the rides - for free

  • swim with parents in the swimming pool at the Flora exhibition center - a ticket for an hour for adults costs 2,5 euro, for children - 1,5 euro, of course, if you are already tired of the free sea

  • ride on different two-three-four-wheel devices, rent of which is in different parts of the park - from 2,5 euro for 15 minutes.

  • eat ice cream, which is sold at every corner - from 0.4 euro per scoop or portion

  • visit the exhibition of sand figures in the northern part of the park - entrance ticket 1,5 euro.

If you are 18-30 years old, you’ll like to:

  • take a selfie on the background of the sea panorama, which opens from the site near the Sea Casino (which is not a casino at all, but a space for various cultural events)

  • go to a concert in the Summer Theater, located in the central part of the park - tickets usually cost 4-5 euro, but can reach up to 20 euro (for celebrities like Philip Kirkorov)

  • admire the evening light show by the fountain in the southern part of the park

  • play ping-pong on the tables that are installed in the southern and northern parts of the park - for free, but bring your own rackets

  • dance in one of the nightclubs that are in the park or on the beach - entrance may be paid - usually 2-3 euro, and if a local star sings, then it may be more expensive

  • lie in a hammock or right on the grass on any of the lawns of the park - for free

  • unravel the idea of ​​avant-garde sculptors, whose works are placed everywhere

  • visit the numerous summer festivals, exhibitions and performances that are held in summer time in Burgas on the territory of the Sea Garden almost daily - entrance to many events is free

  • ride a horse or a pony on the territory of the horse base in the northern part of the park - from 1 euro

  • paragliding over the beach and the sea - from 40 euro.

  • try roast  “tsatsa” at any of the park's restaurants and bistros - the price is about 2 euro per serving

Older people will also be interested to see monuments to Bulgarian historical and cultural figures, listen to a brass band performance for free, sit in a coastal cafe for a glass of fresh beer or local wine - beer/wine costs from 2.5 -6 lev per serving.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, come to the park to work out on exercise equipment that is installed in the northern part. In the morning you can easily find a group of like-minded people who practice yoga or do other fashionable gymnastics. And, of course, take a ride on an open route taxi (for 1 euro one way) to the salt lake with therapeutic mud and perform all the necessary health procedures.

Important information: there are 3 paid public toilets in the park - 2 of them in the southern part and one in the central part - the cost is 0,5 euro. Free toilets are located only on the beach and at the Flora exhibition center. Remember that there’s a toilet in any restaurant or cafe and for 1 lev you will be allowed to use it.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the Flora area.

The list of restaurants located in the Seaside Park

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