Summer in Burgas. How to spend time, where to go with and without children

Summer in Burgas. How to spend time, where to go with and without children

What to do in Burgas, in addition to daily beach pleasures? Where to go with children? Where to eat dinner? How to have a good time without much harm to your wallet? We will tell you what is really worth a visit, whether you’re relaxing in Burgas for a week or arriving just for one day.

Burgas is a port city, the fourth largest in Bulgaria, the center of the Burgas region. The region occupies a significant part of the Black Sea coast of the country and it is here - on the seaside resorts - that most tourists res when coming to Bulgaria.

The main center of attraction for both locals and visitors in Burgas after the beach is, of course, the Seaside Park. It’s possible to find entertainment for the whole family at any time of the day. We even wrote a separate article on this topic - “Sea Garden of Burgas - summer entertainment for tourists of any age - free and paid”.

Fans of inexpensive shopping and fast food restaurants are recommended spending time in a large shopping center. In Burgas there are 2 of them - Mall Galleria and Burgas Plaza Mall. The first one has a cinema, bowling and a kid's playground with arcade games. The movies in the cinema are shown in English with Bulgarian subtitles, while most animated cartoons are translated to Bulgarian.

Cinema ticket price - 10-12 leva

The cost of a bowling game - from 7 leva

For your convenience, we publish a link to places in the malls of Burgas

Mall Galleria

Burgas Plaza Mall

Most recently, a ZOO has opened in Burgas. And if there’s a young naturalist growing up in your family, then visit the zoological garden located in the Black Sea quarter. On the territory there is a farm of exotic birds, where peacocks and ostriches are bred. There are 260 peacocks of 26 different species, and this collection is the largest registered in Europe and Asia. In addition to ostriches and peacocks, other animals live here - ponies, donkeys, deer, raccoons, monkeys, wolves and even a couple of kangaroos. The zoo is located on the territory of a huge orchard, where visitors are allowed to collect and eat ripe fruit during the excursion. The entrance ticket is 6 leva for adults and 3 leva for children.

Those who are interested in history will want to visit the Regional Historical Museum of Burgas and several of its expositions located in different buildings - archaeological, ethnographic and natural-scientific. Admire the ancient paintings and architecture by looking at Orthodox churches in the center of Burgas - the Cathedral Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, built in 1897-1907, the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, built in 1840-1860 and the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross, built in 1673.

If you don’t mind making a small voyage, we recommend visiting another historical monument - the island of St. Anastasia.

In 20 minutes, a comfortable boat, which departs 2 times a day from the port, will take you to a small island in the Burgas bay. Until the beginning of the 20th century, a monastery was located on the island, which was then turned into a prison. Nowadays, you can visit a museum, a restaurant, a small coffee shop on the island, admire the old church of the 15th century and even spend the night in a guest house built in places of old monk cells. The price of a two-way ticket for the boat is 14 leva for adults, for children there’s a discount.

And if your family is more interested in technology than history, we recommend visiting the recently opened Aviomusey Aviation Museum, which is located at the entrance to the Burgas airport. Any visitor can present himself as a pilot and, using virtual reality glasses, control the aircraft exhibited in the museum. You can also sit in the cockpit, touch the real “black box” flight recorder, press the buttons of navigation devices.

The entrance to each of the museums of Burgas in the summer season is 6 leva. But you can save about 30% if you buy a Burgas tourist card, which costs 30 leva and within 3 days will give you a pass to all exhibits of the Historical Museum, to the aviation museum, to the exhibition of sand figures. The cost of the card also includes a trip to the island and a visit to the museum there. You can purchase the card at the kiosks of the Information Tourist Center, located in the building of the Yug (South) bus station and at the intersection of the pedestrian Aleksandrovskaya and Bogoridi streets.

What if your birthday coincided with your vacation? You will certainly go to a restaurant. The best restaurants of Burgas are located in the city center, but if you are accompanied by children, it is better to go to the port, where the institutions have playgrounds. Reserving a table in advance is a must; picturesque sunsets in the port attract a large number of visitors every summer day.

Bourgas Restaurants

Restaurants  in the port

Restaurants, pizzerias and cafeterias in Burgas are open until 23:00. Continue the fun - drink a cocktail and dance - at a night bar or a club. Many of them are located on the beach. Some have a paid entrance. For adults, casinos, gambling halls and strip bars are open all night.

Night bars / clubs

Casino / Game Halls

Strip bars

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