TOP 7 largest fast food and restaurant chains in Bulgaria

TOP 7 largest fast food and restaurant chains in Bulgaria

During the travel, the impression about a country as a whole often depends on the correct choice of places to eat. Read this article if you aren’t a fan of unexpected culinary surprises and do prefer proven quality and taste. Sometimes catering establishments that belong to the same network help avoiding making mistakes in choosing a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They guarantee the same level of food quality, comfort and service in different parts of the country.

Therefore, we offer an overview of the largest in terms of the number of places and the coverage of cities chains of restaurants, fast foods and bakeries in Bulgaria.

1.      The first place is taken by the network of Bulgarian "street" fast-food - GO GRILL, represented by 63 outlets in 27 cities. The main concept of GO GRILL is "grill and beer". They have very affordable prices and cook for clients immediately after the order is taken. Facilities are small kiosk-pavilions, located in places with good walking and traffic. The menu consists of grilled cutlets, assortment of sausages, sandwiches, hot dogs and pork shish kebabs, soft drinks and beer. For about 2 euros you can eat a hot dog or a sandwich and drink 0,5 l of a local beer.

2.      In the second place is the international chain of fast food restaurants McDonald's, represented by 41 establishments in 12 cities. The menu, consisting of a burger, french fries and a drink, costs from 3.6 euros. Happy Meal for a child will cost 2.8 euros. The cost of an ordinary hamburger starts from just 0.63 euros.

3.      In the third place is also the international network. This is a world-wide popular sandwiches seller Subway with 39 establishments in 11 cities. The cost of a sandwich starts from 2 euros. The sandwich menu, consisting of a sandwich, a drink of your choice, a cookie and a portion of chips or an apple, will cost from 3.58 euros.

4.      In the fourth place in terms of the number of selling points (34) and the second in the coverage of cities (16) is the Bulgarian fast food chain Aladin Foods. It can be found on the streets or in large malls. Here you can buy a duner - a Bulgarian version of shawarma, pizza, fried chicken and burgers. The portions are quite large. The cost of a duner depending on the filling starts from 1.17 euros, a burger - from 2.45 euros. A huge pizza for a large company can be bought for 6 euros. In addition, there are vegetarian duners and burgers.

5.      The fifth place is taken by the Bulgarian chain of confectioneries Nedelya with 38 small cafes in 8 cities. The assortment of cakes, pastries and cookies is impressive. You can buy a decent piece of cake for 1.8 euros. And you can eat it right there - in a cozy, light coffee house with a cup of coffee.

6.      In the sixth place is the famous chicken fast food KFC - 24 establishments in 7 cities. The KFC box menu costs from 3.6 euros, the burger – from just over 1 euro. The choice and the taste of the dishes here are the result of strict adherence to technology and the standards and are practically the same as what KFC offers in other countries.

7.      The top seven largest chains are closed by the Bulgarian chain of restaurants Happy Bar & Grill, consisting of 24 establishments in 6 cities. Happy Bar & Grill is the only chain of classic family restaurants with a very diverse menu that is included in the top 10 largest chains of food places in Bulgaria. Here you can try the dishes of American, Italian and Japanese cuisine. The cost of salads starts from 2.7 euros, the main dishes cost from 3.6 to 9.23 euros. Happy Bar & Grill restaurants are characterized by a cozy interior, attentive attitude of the staff and really delicious food.

Regardless of whether you need to have a good breakfast in a cozy atmosphere, a quick snack on the go or a family dinner, will always help you find what you need at the moment.

1. GO GRILL - 63 in 27 cities

2. McDonald's - 41 in 12 cities

3. Subway - 39 in 11 cities

4. Aladin Foods - 34 in 16 cities

5. Nedelya - 31 in 8 cities

6. KFC - 24 in 7 cities

7. Happy Bar & Grill - 24 in 6 cities

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