TOP-50 Bulgarian restaurants. Rating based on users’ opinion

TOP-50 Bulgarian restaurants. Rating based on users’ opinion

Here is a list of Bulgarian restaurants that are undoubtedly worthy of attention. These are the food places that were most successful with foreign tourists last year. is an online catalog of the best Bulgarian restaurants created to help foreign tourists find the most delicious places in large cities, in sea and ski resorts. The website is available for users in three languages ​​- Bulgarian, English and Russian.

In 2019, the website was visited by tens of thousands of users from 119 countries. The most active users of the website have been rating the places they visited while relaxing in Bulgaria. Locals who wanted to share information about their favorite restaurants left their ratings and reviews as well. Based on these reviews, a rating list was compiled and the 50 best institutions were identified.

Only those restaurants that received ratings and reviews in 2019 participated in the ranking. It is worth noting that on the site the first positions are taken by restaurants with detailed information on the prices of food and drinks, despite the fact that their rating is lower than that of places with brief information.


TOP-50 restaurants in Bulgaria include places from 9 cities

TOP-50 Bulgarian restaurants according to users of as of December 31, 2019

Name Address Raiting
50 Dalyana Burgas, Sea Port Burgas 8,5
49 Jagerhof Plovdiv, Trakiya, str. Saedinenie, 4 8,5
48 Gusto Ristorante&Pizza Plovdiv, Central, str. Otets Paisiy, 26 8,5
47 Diverso Burgas, Centre, str. Saedinenie, 7 8,6
46 Pavaоj Plovdiv, Central, str. Zlatarska, 7 8,6
45 Edno Cafe Varna, Odesos, blvd. Saborni, 31а 8,6
44 Jolly Roger Burgas, Sea Port Burgas 8,6
43 Halbata Varna, Odesos, blvd. Knyaginya Maria Luisa, 34 8,6
42 Staria Chinar Sofia, Oborishte, blvd. Knyaz Alexandar Dondukov, 71 8,6
41 Petru's Sofia, Lozenets, blvd. Sveti Naum, 48 8,7
40 Chef's Sofia, Lozenets, str. Lubata, 13 8,7
39 Hadjidraganovite Kashti Sofia, Serdika, str. Kozlodui, 75 8,7
38 Grand Italia di Mitko Burgas, Slaveikov, 151 8,7
37 Flora Bar & Grill Burgas, Lazur, 166, Flora Panorama 8,7
36 Il GranoDuro Burgas, Izgrev, 109 8,7
35 The RIVER bar&dinner Ruse, Centre, str. Chavdar Voivoda, 33 8,7
34 Yellow Cat Gelato Pomorie, str. Knyaz Boris I, 47 8,7
33 Monne Varna, Primorski, str. Lyuben Karavelov, 65 8,7
32 Andre Sofia, Sredets, str. Khan Krum, 31 8,7
31 Staria Chinar Varna, Odesos, str. Makedoniya, 154 8,7
30 Ti Bar&Kitchen Burgas, Centre, str. Silistra, 4 8,7
29 Incanto Bar & Kitchen Burgas, Centre, str. Atanas Sirekov, 4 8,7
28 Friends Pub Varna, Odesos, str. Musala, 7 8,7
27 Rosstel Varna, Odesos, str. Bratya Miladinovi, 102 8,7
26 Victoria Bansko, str. Pirin, 119 8,7
25 F-Act Bar&Dinner Velingrad, blvd. Han Asparuh, 19 8,8
24 Arbat Sofia, Sredets, blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel, 8 8,9
23 The New Fox & Hound Sofia, Sredets, str. Angel Kanchev, 34 8,9
22 Faborge Sofia, Lozenets, blvd. James Bourchier, 76 8,9
21 Q-Ftetaria Sofia, Sredets, str. Angel Kanchev, 1 8,9
20 Roma Burgas, Centre, str. Serdika, 2 8,9
19 Walnuts Life&Food Dobrich, Sveti Georgi City Park 9,0
18 Norma Burgas, Centre, str. Tsar Simeon I, 1 9,0
17 The Friendly Bear Sofia, Sredets, str. Slavyanska, 23 9,0
16 Staria Chinar Varna, Odesos, str. Tsaribrod, 25 9,0
15 Neptun Burgas, Sea Garden, Kraybrezhna aleya 9,0
14 Happy Bar&Grill Lazur Burgas, Lazur, 5 9,0
13 Captain Cook Varna, Odesos, Marine Station/Port of Varna 9,0
12 Dock 5 Burgas, Centre, Sea Port 9,1
11 Trepni Kafana Club & Restaurant Sofia, Ovcha Kupel, blvd. Nikola Petkov, 52 9,1

And finally! TOP-10 restaurants in Bulgaria according to users of as of December 31, 2019

10. Captain Cook, Sofia, Lozenets, blvd. James Bourchier, 100. Raiting 9.1

9. Bodega, Sofia, Triaditsa, str. Tsar Asen I, 6. Raiting 9.1

8. El Kapan Fish&Shish, Varna, Primorski Park. Raiting 9.1

7. Nobel by Chef Shishkov, Plovdiv, Central, str. Veliko Tarnovo, 19. Raiting 9.2

6. Old Buddies, Fast Food restaurant, Varna, Odesos, str. Odesos, 3. Raiting 9.2

5. Secret by Chef Petrov, Sofia, Sredets, blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel, 12. Raiting 9.2

4. Kish Bar&Dinner, Burgas, Lazur, str. Adam Mitskevich, 3. Raiting 9.2

3. Raffy Bar&Gelato, Plovdiv, Central, str. Patriarch Evtimiy, 5. Raiting 9.3

2. Kafana Stefanovich, Sofia, Lozenets, str. Zlatovrah, 4. Raiting 9.3

1. DiWine, Varna, Odesos, str. Bratya Shkorpil, 2.  Raiting 9.3

Congratulations to the owners of these places, they turned out to have the most responsive visitors!

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