Top 5 places where skiing and snowboarding in Bulgaria, except Bansko

Top 5 places where skiing and snowboarding in Bulgaria, except Bansko

The best ski slopes in Bulgaria. Choose: mountain ranges of the Rhodopes, Rila, Vitosha, compare: prices for lifts, distance from the airport. And also: is it possible to go snowboarding in one of the sports bars in Sofia?

We have already written about the largest ski resort in Bulgaria in the article “Winter holidays in Bansko. How to get there, where to sleep, what to try? ". Now we have prepared information about five more places where you can go skiing or snowboarding in Bulgaria.

The list of popular among foreigners Bulgarian resorts includes not only Bansko, which is currently the largest in terms of slopes length. In addition Pirin range, fans of winter sports have mastered other Bulgarian mountains - the Rhodopes, Vitosha and the Rila massifs.

Recharge with cheerfulness and optimism, get a tan under the gentle winter sun, admire the incredible snowy landscapes, relax with comfort is possible if you visit:




Until 2009, Borovets was the main and largest winter resort in Bulgaria. 58 km of ski trails of varying difficulty, snow cannons supporting steady snow cover, a lot of ski lifts and night skiing provide the resort with the status of the second best place for winter holidays. A large number of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, hot springs located nearby, attract thousands of tourists and athletes from around the world.

  • The height of the ski slopes from 1337 to 2560 m
  • The cost of lift card: 30 Euro/day, 13 Euro for night skiing
  • The nearest town is Samokov -10 km.
  • Sofia Airport is 73 km away.
  • Places to eat and have fun in Borovets


The climatic features of the region and proximity to the Aegean Sea, 110 clear days in a season with an average temperature of +3 degrees Celsius make Pamporovo the sunniest ski resort in Bulgaria. The season starts in December and lasts until mid-April. Another pleasant feature of Pamporovo is the absence of avalanches. Trails of varying difficulty lie at an altitude of 1450 - 1926 m above sea level. The resort has a giant slalom track. There are 14 different types of lifts, rental centers and schools for beginner skiers and snowboarders.

  • The cost of lift card: 30 Euro/day
  • Nearest towns: Chepelare - 10 km, Smolyan -15 km
  • Distance to airports: Plovdiv - 85 km, Sofia - 260 km
  • Places in Pamporovo


Not far from Pamporovo there is a small town Chepelare, with a population of only about 6,000 people. In its vicinity is the Mechi Chal ski center with a total length of ski tracks of about 20 km. In general, there are 7 tracks of different complexity and length. There is also a special track for snowboarding with deep snow. Throughout the resort there is free internet access, which allows fans to conduct online broadcasting directly from the slope. At the service of athletes new 4-chair lift and several bows. Snow cannons cover the tracks with high-quality artificial snow.

  • The cost of skipping the lift: 20 Euro/day
  • The nearest town is Smolyan - 16 km
  • Distance to airports: Plovdiv - 75 km, Sofia - 225 km
  • Restaurants in Chepelare and restaurants in Samokov


On the slope of the Vitosha mountain range, at the foot of which is Sofia city, the capital of Bulgaria, there is also a ski resort. It is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level on the northeastern slope of Cherni Vrah Mount (2290m), the highest point in Bulgaria, and is the highest ski center in the country. The resort offers 29 km of slopes, the longest of which is more than 5 km. 11 ski lifts, snow cannons, night skiing, the opportunity to get from Sofia by public transport made Vitosha  the favorite weekend resort for the capital residents. The proximity to the city - from the center of Sofia is only 22 km and 40 min by car or by bus along the bypass road - allows foreign tourists - skiers and snowboarders - to spend the night in city hotels and choose a place for dinner and evening entertainment from more than 2000 Sofia’s restaurants.

  • The cost of lift pass: 8 Euro for Dragalevtsi lift and 5 Euro one-way ticket on gondola lift
  • The nearest city is Sofia - 20 km
  • Distance to Sofia airport: 32 km
  • Places to eat and have fun in Sofia

CARVE Indoor Ski, Board & Bar, Sofia

CARVE Indoor Ski, Board & Bar

Perhaps you have not yet decided whether you want to learn how to conquer the snowy slopes or are not confident in your own physical background. Doubt that falling into a snowdrift while training is safe and fun? For trying and deciding whether you need it or not it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment, it is not necessary to wear thermal underwear, it is not even necessary to go on a mountain slope. Enough to visit one Sofia bar. CARVE Indoor Ski, Board & Bar has a hillside simulator installed - a unit suitable for training beginners and for entertaining experienced athletes. The bar has instructors and lessons for children and adults. The atmosphere is very warm, good music plays, drinks are offered, in the evening the workout smoothly turns into a disco - well, why isn’t the resort?

  • The cost of training: first training is 10 Euro and next group lessons are from 15 Euro
  • Nearest town: located in Sofia
  • Distance to Sofia airport - 5 km.

If we talk about the prospects, it should be noted that in the near future projects approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism will be implemented. It is planned to create modern ski resorts in the Chumerna peak (Veliko Tarnovo region, Uzana locality), at the Ispolin peak and in the area of ​​Tryavna town (the Gabrovo region, the Stara Planina mountain range), as well as in the west of the country near the town of Dupnitsa (Kyustendil region, the Rila mountain range). Thus, the quantity of modernly equipped ski slopes in Bulgaria will increase. Going to the mountains do not forget about special medical insurance. 

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