New Year offers of restaurants in Varna

New Year offers of restaurants in Varna

The cost of New Year's Eve in the restaurants of Varna is from 70 leva per person.

1. Dolce Amaro Seaport

Varna, Odesos, Marine Station/Port of Varna

Price per person - 119 BGN per adult and 45 BGN per child

2. Godzila

Varna, Odesos, blvd. Knyaz Boris I, 66

Price per person - 75 BGN per adult and 40 BGN per child

3. The Sea Terrace

Varna, Primorski Park, Tsentralen Plazh

Price per person - 130 BGN



4 Modena

Varna, Asparuhovo, blvd. Narodni Buditeli, 2, TC City Center Asparuhovo

Price per person - 97 BGN per adult and 47 BGN per child

5. The Black Sheep Brewhouse

Varna, Odesos, str. Tsar Simeon I, 27

Price per person - 110 BGN per adult and 60 BGN per child

6. DiWine

Varna, Odesos, str. Bratya Shkorpil, 2

Price per person - 95 BGN

7. Amici pizza and grill

Varna, Mladost, str. Tsar Svetoslav Terter, 11

Price per person - 89 BGN per adult and 39 BGN per child

8. Taverna Kostaki

Varna, Odesos, str. Bdin, 15

Price per person - 85 BGN

9. Mehana Atila

Varna, Mladost, str. Magnolia, 17

Price per person - 70 BGN


10. Mehana Balgari

Varna, Mladost, str. Maika Tereza, 7

Price per person - 92,99 BGN per adult and 45,99 BGN per child

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