Top 10 restaurants in Varna, April 2019

Top 10 restaurants in Varna, April 2019

Varna is a Black Sea port and resort town located in northeastern Bulgaria, on the shores of the Varna Bay.

Varna ranks second in the country in terms of population, with approximately 370 thousand people living in the city. In the summer months, the population of Varna doubles at the expense of holidaymakers and tourism workers.

The territory of the city has recently been increased as a result of the joining to it of the seaside villages of St. St. Konstantin and Elena and Golden Sands.

Varna has a large number of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, night clubs, most of which are located in the city center, in the Seaside Park and in the port area.

Many places are very popular among locals and have earned high marks from foreign tourists.

We present you the rating of restaurants in Varna, which are the best in the opinion of the users of - the electronic catalog of the country's places to eat, which was created specifically for tourists visiting Bulgaria.

№1. Captain Cook, Varna, Odesos, Marine Station/Port of Varna. Rating 9.0 

№2. El Kapan Fish&Shish, Varna, Primorski Park, Kraibrezhna aleya, Northen Sea Baths. Rating 9.0 

№3. Staria Chinar, Varna, Odesos, str. Tsaribrod, 25. Rating 9.0

№4. Candles Cafe, Bar&Dinner, Varna, Odesos, str. Neofit Rilski, 11. Rating 8.6

№5. Tililey, Varna, Primorski, str. General Kolev, 74а. Rating 8.6 


№6. Rosstel, Varna, Odesos, str. Bratya Miladinovi, 102. Rating 8.4

№7. Staria Chinar, Varna, Odesos, str. Makedoniya, 154. Rating 8.4

№8. Mr. Baba, Varna, Primorski Park, Tsentralen Plazh, Ship on Breakwater. Rating 8.1

№9. Marche, Varna, Primorski Park, Complex Horizont. Rating 8,1

№10. Mehana Hashove, Varna, Primorski, blvd. Vasil Levski, 35. Rating 7.5


We wish Varna residents and guests of the "sea capital" a good appetite! Search for the best places in Bulgaria at and do not forget to share your impressions on our website.

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