Meat and meat dishes in the Bulgarian menu. Vegetarians, close your eyes!

Meat and meat dishes in the Bulgarian menu. Vegetarians, close your eyes!


The most beloved Bulgarian dishes, of course, are from meat! In tourist areas and major cities, the menu is usually translated into English. But if you decided to go deeper into the country and try authentic Bulgarian cuisine, you will have to understand the names, ingredients and ways of cooking meat dishes just to order exactly what you want.


So, the next, now "meat", series of tips from


Types of meat that you can buy, cook, order in a restaurant and try in Bulgaria:




Bulgarian/Translit.  English
 Агнешко месо/Agneshko meso  Lamb
 Говеждо месо/Govezhdo meso  Beef
 Диво прасе/Divo prace  Wild boar meat
 Еленско месо/Elensko meso  Venison
 Месо от заек/Meso ot zaek  Rabbit meat
 Месо от щраус/Meso ot shtraus  Ostrich meat
 Патешко месо/Pateshko meso  Duck meat
 Пилешко месо/Pileshko meso  Chiсken
 Пуешко месо/Pueshko meso  Turkey meat
 Свинско месо/Svinsko meso  Pork
 Телешко месо/Teleshko meso  Veal
 Шилешко/Овнешко месо /Shileshko/Ovneshko  Mutton


We also list the names of parts of the carcass, so that you know for sure which of them is in your plate:

 Bulgarian/Translit.  English
 Бедра/Bedra Chicken thighs
 Бут/But  Back leg/Chicken leg
 Бъбреци/Babrertsi  Kidneys
 Воденички/Vodenichki  Ventricles
 Врат/Vrat  Neck meat
 Гърди/Gardi  Brisket/Chicken Breast
 Джолан/Dzholan  Pork shank
 Език/Ezik  Tongue
 Кайма/Мляно месо/Kaima/Mlyano meso  Minced meat/ground meat
 Каре/Kare  Carre, loin
 Клъцано месо/Klatsano meso  Chopped meat
 Крилца/Kriltsa  Wings
 Плешка/Pleshka  Front leg/Shoulder
 Ребра/ребърци/Rebra/rebartsi  Ribs
 Рибица/Ribitsa  Fillet, loin
 Сланина/Slanina  Lard
 Сърца/Sartsa  Hearts
 Уши, крачета, опашка/Ushi, kracheta, opashka  Ears, hooves, tail
 Филе, бонфиле, контрафиле/File, bonfile, contrafile  Fillet
 Черен дроб/Cheren drob  Liver
 Шкембе/Shkembe  Tripe


It is also important to know how the ways of cooking your favorite fillet or meat on the bone are translated. So, meat can be:

 Bulgarian/Translit.  English
 В гювеч/V gyuvech  In an oven in a ceramic pot named "gyuvech"
 Варено/Vareno  Boiled
 Във фурна/ V furna  In the oven
 Задушено/Zadusheno  Stewed
 На плоча/Na plocha  On the brazier
 На сач/Na sach  In an oven in a low ceramic form for baking named “sach”
 На скара/Na skara  Grilled/BBQ
 На тиган/Na tigan  In the frying pan
 На чеверме/Na cheverme  On the spit/roasting-jack
 Панирано/пане/ Panirano/pane  Breaded
 Пасирано/Pasirano  Pasted
 Печено/Pecheno  Baked
 Пушено/Pusheno  Smoked
 Пълнено/Palneno  Stuffed
 Пържено/Parzheno  Fried


What are the names of meat dishes you can find in the Bulgarian menu? There are a lot of them, some of them have historical roots, and some appeared thanks to the imagination of the chef of a particular restaurant. Let’s take a look the most traditional Bulgarian/Balkan:

 Bulgarian name/Translit.  Ingredients (English) 
 Гювеч/Gyuvech  A kind of stewed and then baked meat with vegetables and spices, cooked in gyuvech
 Кавърма/Kavarma  Stew meat with onion, paprika and spices, cooked in an oven in a gyuvech
 Капама/Kapama  Meat stew with fresh or sour cabbage
 Карначе/Karnache  Homemade thin sausage, fried or baked. Usually rolled up in a ring for easy roasting in a frying pan
 Кебап (кебапче)/Kebap (kebapche)  Meatballs in the form of sausages, usually grilled
 Кюфте/Kyufte  Roundlet meatballs, usually grilled
 Мусака/Musaka  A dish of stewed meat, onions, potatoes, which are then poured with a mixture of eggs, yogurt and flour and baked in the oven
 Наденица/Nadenitsa  Homemade thick pork sausage, fried or baked
 Плескавица/Pleskavitsa  Large flat cutlet from large-chopped beef or pork with the addition of spices or cheese. A dish of Serbian cuisine.
 Пържола/Parzhola  Chop, fried piece of meat or poultry without bone
 Руло (рулца)/Rulo (rultsa)  Rolls
 Сач/Sach  A kind of stewed and then baked meat with vegetables and spices, cooked on sach
 Сърми/Sarmi  Cabbage or grape leaves rolls stuffed with minced meat
 Ущипци/Ushtiptsi  Small meatballs with minced meat and spices or cheese, grilled
 Чорба/Chorba  Chowder, kind of soup. Usually before this word put the name of the main ingredient of the soup. For example “Shkembe Chorba” – Tripe chowder.
 Шиш (шишче)/Shish (shishche)  A small shish kebab from pork or chicken cooked on a grill
 Яхния/Yahniya  Stew meat with beans or rice in thick tomato sauce


We hope that our tips will help you better navigate the menu in Bulgarian. The above dishes you can try in any of the restaurants of the national Bulgarian cuisine, which are called "mehana". For your convenience - the best mehanas in the country on this list.

Tip: Select your city in the side filter and write the secret word "mehana" in the search bar.

Bon Appetit!

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