Japanese, Indian or Israeli? Kitchen of different countries and continents in the restaurants of Sofia

Japanese, Indian or Israeli? Kitchen of different countries and continents in the restaurants of Sofia

Want to try Thai street food or a dish cooked for holidays in India? To go on an exotic culinary journey, you don’t need to leave Bulgaria. Just plan a trip to one of the many restaurants of national authentic cuisine in Sofia.

The capital of Bulgaria is steadily growing and developing. One and a half million inhabitants, many of whom are foreigners, who want to get bright and unusual taste sensations, don’t only visit the usual restaurants of Bulgarian and Central European cuisine. The kitchen of other countries and even continents is also very popular here – because it's so simple to plunge into the atmosphere of a distant exotic country, to enjoy the aromas of spices, to be surprised by unusual dishes, to discover new tastes and combinations of food for just within a couple of hours.

How to find places in Sofia where you’ll see not adapted, but actual menus containing typical dishes of national cuisine of this or that country?

We offer you a list of restaurants with authentic cuisine where you won’t find a Shopska salad, but visiting them will be a small culinary adventure. We remind you that you can see the address, phone and other details in the profile of each restaurant on our site. Also there you can write your comments and put your marks to the restaurant. To do this, simply enter or copy+paste the place name in the search bar:


  Armenian cuisine   Italian Cuisine   Russian kitchen
  Ararat    Il Teatro    Arbat 
  Egur, Egur     Da Massimo    Serbian cuisine
  African cuisine   Cinecitta Osteria Italiana    Kafana Stefanovich 
  The Joint    Chinese cuisine   Nusic 
  Vietnamese cuisine   Fu Yong Yuen    Proya s
  Thang Long    Nebesen Dragon    Trepni Kafana club & 
  Greek cuisine   Black Dragon    Bancovic s
  Angeliki's    Meng Fu Yuan    Kotiloto 
  Sirtaki    & Den Yuan - Rayska Gradina    Thai cuisine
  Maslinata    Pang Lai Shian Gan    Wok to walk
  Yamas    Cherven Iztok    Turkish cuisine
  Israeli cuisine   Korean food   Konak 
  Jerusalem - Kosher Food    Cup'n'Roll    T & M 
  Indian cuisine   Korea    Gulum 
  Ramayana    Yun    Delight 
  Kohinoor    Lebanese cuisine   Arvasia 
  Punjabi Foods    Fairouz    Zeko 
  Saffron    Orient    Japanese food
  Taj Mahal    Mexican food   Wagamama 
  Spice House    Menudo   Miyabi 
  Indonesian cuisine   Moroccan cuisine   Umami Japanese Food & Garden 
  Yati Cooking    Annette    Umamido 
  Spanish cuisine   Nepalese cuisine   Edo Sushi 
   Azahar   Gurkha    Hamachi-ni 

And what about the foreign tourists who come to Sofia to try the real Bulgarian cuisine? Especially for them we have prepared a list of the best restaurants of traditional national Bulgarian cuisine with a surprisingly hospitable atmosphere and folk music program:

Bulgarian cuisine

  • Manastirska Magernica
  • Ariana 1904
  • Mehana Bansko
  • Mehana Pri Bratovcheda
  • Mehana Pri Komitite
  • Nashe Selo
  • Chevermeto
  • Kashtata s Kiparisite
  • Ivanova Mehana
  • Mehana Izbata
  • Mehana Borimechkata
  • Moma
  • Mamin Kolyo
  • Vodenitsata


Find authentic cuisine restaurants in any Bulgarian city by selecting the "national cuisine" icon in our filter for additional benefits.

As always, bon appétit for you!


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