5 «Hidden Gem» places for skiing in Bulgaria

5 «Hidden Gem» places for skiing in Bulgaria

About half of the territory of Bulgaria is occupied by mountains. According to geographers, there are 37 of them, although their exact number is the subject of discussions. The mountainous terrain and wide slopes provide the country with a wide variety of ski trails with a total length of more than 210 km.

Over time only a few ski slopes have established themselves as absolute leaders, attracting the majority of both Bulgarian and foreign tourists. However, there are other destinations in Bulgaria that are no less charming and suitable for winter tourism.

Not too well-known, they are much cheaper than their popular counterparts. Average prices for day passes, prices for equipment rental, as well as the cost of living are quite affordable for all fans of winter activities.

1. Beklemeto

5 малко известни ски дестинации в България. Беклемето

The Beklemeto resort complex is located in the homonymous area, which is just 20 km away from the town of Troyan in the Lovech region and about 160 km from the capital of Bulgaria. Don't expect to see luxurious multistory hotel complexes here. Cozy family hotels or small guest chalets will be glad to house you for the night.

For winter sports enthusiasts, there are 3 trails with chairlifts that meet Alpine ski standards. The staff keeps them in good condition, and the trails are wide and spacious for many skiers. The tracks are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Nearby hotels offer equipment rental and instructor services for everyone.

Beklemeto has the best biathlon and cross-country skiing track in the country. 

2. Panichishte

5 малко известни ски дестинации в България. Паничище

Panichishche is located at 1300 m above sea level. The resort village is situated 25 km from the town of Dupnitsa in the Kyustendil region and just 10 km from the famous thermal resort Sapareva Banya. The place is perfectly suitable for family holidays, as there are children's trails and lifts specially arranged for young skiers. There are 5 excellent trails in total - two for beginners, two for experienced athletes and one 5 km long track for cross-country skiing. All trails provide ski lifts and airlifts. The training track has a chairlift and is illuminated at nights. 

The hotel complex is suited for approximately 1000 guests.

3. Govedartsi

5 малко известни ски дестинации в България. Говедарци

Many tourists who do not want to overpay for a hotel in the resort complex Borovets, go to Govedartsi. This village lies just 5 km from the famous resort. There is one ski track with a length of 1500 m. It is located 2 km away from the center of the village of Govedartsi at the foot of the 2535 m high Malk Mechit mountain. The track is furnished with two ski lifts – a children's one with a length of 250 m and a regular one, which is 1300 m long. Thanks to its geographical location, cloudy days are very rare in this area, and the average January temperature is -4 degrees Celsius.

Hotels in Govedartsi are small and run by families. It is also possible to spend the night in several guest houses.

4. Osogovo

5 малко известни ски дестинации в България. Осогово

Osogovo Ski Trails are located 20 km from Kyustendil, in western Bulgaria. A fairly good road has been built to them, which is passable in winter, but has many sharp turns. There is a convenient parking lot directly near the tracks. You can stay overnight in Kyustendil or in the neighboring village of Nevestino.

There are 2 trails available – for beginners and for experienced skiers. Between them is a café offering hot drinks and food. The track for beginners is quite long - 1300 m – and equipped with a rope lift. The other track is 950 m long and has both rope and chairlifts.

5. Daulite locality

5 малко известни ски дестинации в България. Даулите

The area of Daulite is part of the natural park "Sinite Kamani", which is located in close proximity to the city of Sliven. The Karandila ski trail is probably the easternmost ski trail in the country and the only one that residents of the Black Sea coast can reach quickly without crossing half the country.

The track runs at an altitude of only 950 m above sea level, but nevertheless it is furnished with two lifts and is great for downhill skiing. There is a picturesque lake nearby, and neighboring mountains are used for rock climbing training.


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