Veliko Tarnovo: where to eat, drink, relax before, after and between sightseeing

Veliko Tarnovo: where to eat, drink, relax before, after and between sightseeing

The ancient capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo is a great place for a family excursion, for a romantic holiday or even for a business trip. The city is liked by everyone without exception: it has something to see, to try at local restaurants and where to have fun in the evening.

To begin with, we advise you to spend a little time choosing the hotel in which you will live and, of course, have breakfast in the morning. Numerous hotels in the city center have their own restaurants. Some of them are located on terraces with a beautiful view of the Yantra River, the colored walls of the old town houses, the monument temples located on the hills.

List of restaurants that are located in the hotels of Veliko Turnovo

If you stayed in an apartment, hostel or hotel without breakfast - it doesn't matter, there will be a lot of cozy cafes nearby. For those who get up early, we recommend going for breakfast to Amaretto bakery. Cakes, biscuits, buns and sandwiches with hot fragrant coffee will fill you with cheerfulness before the excursion in the afternoon.

The main attraction of Veliko Tarnovo is of course the Tsarevets fortress. It towers over the city and attracts hundreds of tourists from different countries every day. Walking from the city center to the gate of the fortress takes about half an hour. After viewing the ruins of ancient palaces, you might need to think about the place for dinner. If you are very hungry and the way back to the center seems too long for you, you can stop for lunch at the restaurant Ivan Assen. It is right on the square at the entrance to the fortress. Excellent cuisine, Bulgarian generous portions, wonderful local wine and a stunning panoramic view of Tsarevets and Trapezitsa Hill will complement your historical excursion program.

In the city center, dozens of restaurants, cafes and pizzerias await tourists for lunch. We recommend paying attention to the Schastlivetsa restaurants, EGO and Casa di Bianco pizzerias. A wide choice of dishes and cozy interiors of these places attract a large number of visitors.

After lunch, stroll through the narrow, crooked streets of the old city. Buy souvenirs in the ancient trading street of Samovodska Charshia. Visit museums, art galleries or an exhibition of historical wax figures. Coffee break can be made at the historic French cafe Stratilat or at the amazing and atmospheric Malkia Inter bar.

Moreover, if fate brings you to the nearby picturesque village of Arbanasi, which itself is a monument of the history of architecture, we recommend that you stop for a snack in one of these places.

The best places to eat in Arbanasi village

In order to feel the Bulgarian love of life and positivity, we offer a dinner at one of the national restaurants. Mehana (the so-called such type of restaurants) will meet you with cordiality and hospitality. The interiors will delight you with folk ornaments, abundance of wood and rural attributes. Getting to listen to national music, you will be served simple hearty and delicious dishes with a glass of grape brandy.

The best mehanas of Veliko Turnovo in this list

Families with small children will also enjoy very nice quiet restaurants for evening gatherings with pizza and children's menu: Tempo, Unicato and La Scalla.

For the toughest hardies in the evening, nightclubs, pubs and bars open their doors, where fun continues until the morning light. Live music, your favorite drinks and cocktails on the summer terraces or on the stylishly decorated dance floors perfectly complement your holiday in Veliko Turnovo. We recommend cheerful, reckless Tequila Bar Funky Monkey or “Sammy's Bar”, cozy “Estate Club” or “Melodie bar”, bright and loud Vogue Bar or “Melon Club” or fashionable musical piano bars “Play” and “Maximus”. Therefore, the choice is yours. Welcome to Veliko Tarnovo!



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