Why using barcafe.bg during your trip in Bulgaria?

Why using  barcafe.bg during your trip in Bulgaria?

BarCafe.bg is a catalogue of places, whose guests are always offered delicious food and favorite drinks in combination with traditional Bulgarian hospitality, thoughtful service, a variety of fun and enjoyments for all tastes.

In Bulgaria, many cafés, bars and restaurants are worth your attention. BarCafe.bg is designed to help you to find a place that meets even your most exacting requirements! With our extensive database and search that takes into account all your preferences, you can feel the richness of the choice of food places in Bulgaria and find the one that is perfect for you.

With us, you can experience the comfort of urban coffee houses, enjoy the generous hospitality of rustic restaurants, get lost among the lights of night bars, have fun at beach parties, warm up by the fireplace in a mountain chalet and discover even more places where you definitely will want to return.

The great choice of places on BarCafe.bg

We carefully collected the places for everyone’s taste in our catalogue:

Luxurious restaurants

Cafés in urban parks and gardens

Cozy street bars with refreshing cocktails

Taverns and bistros with national Bulgarian flavor

Wine houses offering interesting degustation tours

Night clubs and disco bars with various programs

Fast food “factories”

Family pizzerias and restaurants with home cuisine

Casinos and game clubs offering guests delicious drinks

Adult entertainments

Confectioneries and bakeries with the freshest pastries and fragrant coffee

All this diversity is close to you – just look at our map, where all the places are marked. The question of choosing a place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for a quick snack or a place for a night party will be solved easily if you use our convenient and understandable, but the most efficient food places search engine on BarCafe.bg!

Soon! Even wider possibilities of choice on BarCafe.bg

Very soon, we will tell you even more about the most popular places in the country!

For example, you can discover places that will offer you exotic seafood dishes, surprise you with original show program, find a fun activity for your kids, and offer a relaxing hookah on the picturesque terrace and much more. On BarCafe.bg you can find information about the food and beverage prices, compare and choose between places you like, learn about special offers or upcoming events. Stay tuned for updates on BarCafe.bg!

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