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Places list Burgas Night Bar/Club

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Night Bar/Club
Piano Bar Cosy
Burgas, Centre, blvd. Aleko Bogoridi, 17
+359 878 863 373
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Burgas, Centre, str. Vazrazhdane, 10
+359 896 642 624
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Planeta Payner Club
Burgas, Centre, str. Vazrazhdane, 14
+359 877 986 677
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Karaoke Bar Burgas
Burgas, Vazrazhdane, str. Sveti Kliment Ohridski, 10
+359 899 923 044
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Ten Fingers
Burgas, Vazrazhdane, str. Sveti Patriarh Evtimiy, 9
+359 988 811 417
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Burgas, Centre, str. Tsar Petar, 1
+359 895 509 659
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
MF Music Club
Burgas, Centre, str. Lermontov, 13
+359 886 156 522
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Club Brass and Chrome
Burgas, Centre, str. General Skobelev, 3
+359 988 762 977
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Famous Beach Club
Burgas, Sea Garden, Severen plazh
+359 893 666 767
season: summer
Night Bar/Club
Club Play
Burgas, Vazrazhdane, str. Sheinovo, 3
+359 893 666 760
season: all year
Night Bar/Club
Fabric Club Burgas
Burgas, Bratya Miladinovi, blvd. Stefan Stambolov, 53
+359 887 909 019
season: all year
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Центр дополнительного образования "Русская Речь", Бургас: Проведите лето с нами!
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