Price list for restaurant owners

Cost of full information placement and creation of restaurant’s own page in three languages

For placing full information for a period of time:

3 to 5 months inclusive, price for 1 month - 0 leva.

6 to 11 months inclusive - 0% discount. Price for 1 month - 0 leva.

12 months - 0% discount. Price for 1 month - 0 leva.

Minimal placement period – 3 months. Prepayment 100%.

The payment for full information placement is not refundable.

Full information placement may be suspended for a period of time at will, about which you need to notify the administration of the website by e-mail

News or promotion publication on restaurant’s own page

News or promotion information may be published anytime while your restaurant’s full information is placed on the site. News or promotion is published in three languages.