Why you should visit the restaurant Rаndevu in Nessebar

Why you should visit the restaurant Rаndevu in Nessebar

The new restaurant Rаndevu was opened in the winter of 2018. Perfectly selected dishes and drinks in the menu and an amazing sea panorama will add vivid impressions to your memories of Bulgaria.

Walking along the crowded tangled narrow streets of Old Nessebar, tired of the bright sun and numerous souvenir shops, do not rush to stop at the first place to eat. We suggest a walk to the southern coast of the new city, where the Rаndevu restaurant is located. The walk takes only 10 minutes, but you will understand that the location of the restaurant is a separate reason for visiting it. It is difficult to imagine a more peaceful and secluded place on the coast of Nessebar. The restaurant Rаndevu is located on the quiet private beach of the apartment complex Rich1.

For new guests, we recommend first to order a salad with eggplant or a warm salad with liver. As a main dish, choose risotto with seafood or medallions from pork tenderloin. You will be surprised by how unexpectedly delicious a regular steak from pork or beef can be, and you will learn how the ingredients for the traditional Bulgarian salad can perfectly magically combine with the chef’s dressing. Perhaps the secret is in the skill of the chef from Moscow. His experience in the metropolis suggests that without using traditional seasonings and deep fry, you can turn ordinary meat, fish and vegetables into a culinary masterpiece. For dessert, be sure to try home Napoleon cake, taste of which will return your happy childhood memories.

According to the guests, the service in Rаndevu leaves a very pleasant impression. The waiters and the administrator communicate with visitors in Bulgarian, Russian and English. You always get recommendations and explanations on dishes and drinks from the menu. While you are resting, your children will not be left without attention - the restaurant has a playground where the kids play under the supervision of the staff.

Live music in Rаndevu will seem a pleasant addition for a friendly conversation, and this is another reason for dinner in the restaurant. Only a few can remain indifferent to the talent of singer Irina Dobrovolskaya after a couple of melodic lyrical songs.

For the summer season, the beach bar of the Rаndevu restaurant is open. Cold cocktails and freshly prepared lemonades will help you quench your thirst and enjoy your stay on the beach.

A large number of guests can easily accommodate in the spacious restaurant. Whether it's a wedding, an anniversary, a banquet, a cocktail reception or a ball for graduates, the restaurant staff will make sure that your celebration to be unforgettable. And photos taken on the backdrop of the most beautiful sunset will surprise everyone who has not been able to visit here personally.

Come to the restaurant Rаndevu, where the quality of food is complemented by attentive service, and the luxurious interior - by a magical sea panorama.

The waiting time of a freshly prepared dish, accompanied by a rustle of waves on the terrace or pleasant music inside, will fly by unnoticed. And the bill at the end of dinner will remind you that after all, you are still in Bulgaria, where prices in restaurants are, in general, very acceptable.

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