Varna: tips for finding places to eat and drink

Varna: tips for finding places to eat and drink

Varna is the sea capital of Bulgaria, a port city-resort. Thanks to the numerous tourists who are having a rest on coast, Varna has perfectly developed the sector of food and entertainment industry. In the last few years, the city has surpassed Plovdiv in the number of restaurants, bars, cafes and other places where food and drink and entertainment are offered to residents and guests of the city. In this issue, Varna gives in only to the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

So, where will we have breakfast, lunch, dinner and fun, resting in Varna?

Most of the restaurants in Varna are concentrated in the central area of the city that’s called Odessos, in the Sea garden and a large district stretching along the coast to the north from the center called Primorskiy.
At your hotel, of course, breakfast is included in the room rate. We advise, however, at least once in the morning to walk along the ancient streets in the center and look for breakfast in one of the cozy cafes or confectioneries. Breakfast with fresh pastries and good coffee combined with the morning coolness on the terrace will cost you no more than 10 BGN, but will be very dleightful.

Recommended: Muffin Bar&Coffee, CreamCaramel, Café-Mafe, Café Ole

If you are spending a day on the beach, then go for lunch to the places located in a green, spacious and well-kept seaside garden. Here you will find a variety of pizzerias and fish taverns, and for the most fastidious ones - elegant classic restaurants. In addition to the great sea panorama, these places offer a huge selection of pizza, pasta, fresh seafood and Black Sea fish. An average dish in a restaurant on the beach costs 10-12 BGN. In many places at midday there is a complex meal offer consisting of salad, soup, main course and dessert. Such a lunch will be served more quickly and is cheaper than ordering from the menu.

We recommend:
Pizza and Pasta: La Pastaria, Godzilla
Fish and seafood: Midena Kashcha, El Kapan Fish & Shish, Ribarska Shatra
Classical: By The Sea, La Veranda, EGGO Bar & Dinner, Pechkata

And if one of the days on vacation in Varna, you decide to dedicate to shopping, then get food in one of the shopping centers. There are two large malls in Varna. Which restaurants are located in each shopping center can be viewed on the links:
Mall of Varna
Grand Mall

For dinner, we recommend you try traditional Bulgarian food. To do this, go to the mehana - an authentic Bulgarian cuisine restaurant. In Varna they can be found in any part of the city. Cheerful Bulgarian music, unique taste of national dishes and drinks will only brighten up your holiday. Prices in such places are very democratic. These restaurants are the most favorite and visited by local residents.

List of Mehanas in Varna
For those who are not tired from resting and want to continue having fun, there are night bars, clubs and discos. Entrance fee begins from 5 BGN and depends on the popularity of the place. Cocktail, beer or a portion of a strong drink costs from 5 to 10 BGN, the cost of a hookah is 20-30 BGN. Interesting night clubs can be found in the Sea Garden. During the day they work as beach bars. Excellent places for dancing and relaxation can be found in the center of the city too. Here is the full list, choose:
List of night clubs in Varna


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