The best summer terraces in Sofia restaurants

The best summer terraces in Sofia restaurants

There is nothing better than basking in the sunlight in anticipation of delicious food, holding a glass of your favorite drink. Restaurants in Bulgaria traditionally open their summer terraces in April or May and work almost until December. Outdoor tables are popular and in demand: here you can enjoy the cityscape or a gorgeous sea panorama, listen to birds’ singing, smell the flowers and garden plants that restaurateurs decorate their terraces and patios with. Food in such conditions seems tastier and healthier, the mood improves, and everyday worries fade into the background.

In Sofia, several thousand establishments have their own summer terraces. Restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, fast foods offer visitors tables outside - with comfortable furniture, under cozy umbrellas that protect against the hot summer sun. We present to you several Sofia restaurants with summer terraces so good that they are a must-visit if you are in the capital of Bulgaria anytime from May to October.

Cinecittà Osteria Italiana

The philosophy of the Cinecittà Osteria Italiana restaurant is to use the highest quality products and preserve their natural taste through minimal processing. The restaurant receives products from local farmers and allows itself to add a modern touch to classic Italian recipes, while maintaining their authentic base. The establishment boasts a spacious terrace with elegant interiors and panoramic city views.

Restaurant Cinecittà Osteria Italiana


Craft is a place where coffee, wine, whiskey, cocktails and good food meet. Here you can arrange a relaxed breakfast in the morning, a delicious lunch on weekdays or a perfect dinner with friends. The restaurant promises its visitors coziness, attention to detail and an unforgettable atmosphere, and the restaurant's terrace is the best place for pleasant gatherings over a glass of wine on a warm summer evening. By the way, the place owns several awards and nominations listed on their official website.

Restaurant Craft, Sofia

La Casa

La Casa is a place in the heart of Sofia, in a beautiful two-story house with a beautiful terrace, open year-round. The restaurant offers its visitors a Mediterranean and continental gourmet menu, elegant ambiance and excellent service. For more sophisticated visitors, the restaurant chef is happy to prepare their culinary offers, which will be perfectly complemented by a rich selection of Bulgarian and international wine brands that La Casa is proud of.

Restaurant La Casa


Mediterraneo is a home-style classic Mediterranean restaurant. Regardless of whether you are having a romantic date or going out with friends, the terrace of the establishment, decorated in a pleasant vintage style, perfectly complemented by original interior solutions, will be an excellent choice of place. In the restaurant menu you will find only dishes made from fresh products with unique taste qualities, which are perfectly matched by a glass of wine from the establishment’s carefully selected assortment.

Restaurant Mediterraneo


Restaurant Moma is the new face of Bulgarian establishments. Its concept is a combination of traditional culinary experiences and original recipes, and the interior decoration combines the charm and purity of Bulgarian lasses, presented by the designer through visual signs, photographs, materials and decor. The restaurant’s summer terrace is designed in the same style as the interior and combines a fresh, modern look with ethnic Bulgarian motifs.

Restaurant Moma, Sofia


Mykonos restaurant's motto is the phrase “With love for food”, and it calls itself a culinary treasure hidden in the very heart of Sofia. This place has a unique atmosphere that takes its visitors to Greece, and the menu presents a combination of traditional Greek cuisine, worldwide culinary trends and classic dishes. The restaurant also has a special selection of New Zealand wines. The terrace is furnished in a modern Greek style and has a unique Mediterranean charm.

Restaurant Mykonos, Sofia

NEBO Restaurant & Bar

NEBO Restaurant & Bar is a place for delicious food, quality wine, excellent music and great moments with family and friends. The restaurant’s varied menu contains meat, fish and seafood specialties, tempting desserts, and barbecue dishes prepared using the Josper method of baking, stewing and smoking the meat at the same time, giving it a unique taste. In the warm season, the restaurant has two open spaces - a summer garden and a terrace, ideal for any event.

Restaurant NEBO Restaurant & Bar

Pinch of Pepper

The main idea of ​​the Pinch of Pepper restaurant is to create delicious food through the prism of modern technologies of healthy cooking, and the restaurant's wine list has incorporated the most wonderful tastes and aromas from around the globe. The original but minimalistic design of the restaurant's terrace will create a pleasant atmosphere to share unforgettable moments with colleagues, friends and family.

Restaurant Pinch of Pepper

Porto Maltese

The Porto Maltese is located in Paradise Center shopping mall, but it has a cozy open terrace with amazing views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The restaurant specializes in seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, but is not limited to that, and also offers its visitors original desserts and a rich selection of good wines. The establishment also has a VIP zone.

Restaurant Porto Maltese

Soho Cafe

Soho Cafe, located in Bulgaria Mall, offers its visitors an elegant combination of European cuisine at affordable prices with a modern designer interior that creates a sense of tranquility and privacy. This is the place where you can enjoy an afternoon drink and have a deserved relaxing break, enjoying the view of Vitosha Mountain and light calming music. The unique terrace of the restaurant with a mountain panorama will be the perfect escape from the city bustle.

Restaurant Soho Cafe


The Yoli restaurant deservedly positions itself as a restaurant-garden with a cozy interior and an assortment of dishes that can satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets. Good food and a cheerful atmosphere will make the moments spent here unforgettable. The establishment also has a separate children's corner, so that children aren’t bored while their parents relax in a beautiful environment.

Restaurant Joli


Bon Appetit

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