Nuts, seeds, grains sold in Bulgaria. What are they called in Bulgarian?

Nuts, seeds, grains sold in Bulgaria. What are they called in Bulgarian?

What nuts were added to your dessert? What is your cereal for breakfast or a side dish is composed of? After reading this article, you will learn the Bulgarian names of nuts, legumes and grains, so you can boast that you understand what’s written on the packages of cereals, snacks, cookies and even beer labels.


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Now it’s time for nuts and grains.

Nuts are a very important component of our diet, a source of plant proteins and vitamins... As well as a great snack to compliment a cold beer in summer. Throughout Bulgaria, nuts are sold both in packages and by weight in special shops or kiosks. They can be raw (“surovi”), baked (“pecheni”), fried (“parzheni”), pickled with the addition of various flavoring ingredients and even sweet or caramelized.

So, here’s a table with the names of the most popular nuts and seeds, which can be found in the Bulgarian menu - in salads, desserts, soups, etc. Since some of the nuts are allergens, restaurateurs are required to indicate them if they are included in the recipe.

Table "Nuts"

Nuts and seeds (English) Ядки и Семена (Bulgarian) Yadki I semena (Transliteration)
Almond Бадеми bademi
Apricot pits Кайсиеви ядки kaisievi yadki
Cashew Кашу kashu
Chestnuts Кестени kesteni
Chia seed Чиа chia
Flax-seed Ленено семе leneno seme
Hazelnut Лешници leshnitsi
Peanut Фъстъци fastatsi
Pecan Пекан pekan
Pine nuts Кедрови ядки kedrovi yadki
Pistachios Шамфъстък shamfastak
Poppy Маково семе makovo seme
Pumpkin seeds Тиквени семки tikveni semki
Sesame Сусам susam
Sunflower seeds Слънчеогледови семки slanchogledovi semena
Walnut Орехи orehi

Do you like porridge for breakfast? Or do you prefer cereal with milk? Are you a fan of lentil soup and dream of trying the Bulgarian national dish “bob yahniya”? Then you need a cheat sheet with the names of cereals and legumes that are common in the Balkans.

Table "Cereals and Legumes"

Legumes and grains (English) Бобови и Зърнени (Bulgarian) Bobovi I zarneni  (Transliteration)
Barley Ечемик echemik
Beans Фасул fasul
Bran Трици tritsi
Buckwheat Елда elda
Bulgur Булгур bulgur
Cereals Овесени ядки oveseni yadki
Chickpea Нахут или леблебия nahut ili leblebiya
Corn Царевица tsarevitsa
Lentils Леща leshta
Malt Малц malts
Millet Просо proso
Oats Овес oves
Peas Грах grah
Quinoa Киноа kinoa
Rice Ориз oriz
Rye Ръж raj
Single grain wheat, zanduri Лимец limets
Soy Соя  soya
Spelled Спелта или динкел spelta ili dinkel
Wheat Пшеница pshenitsa
White, red, black beans Боб бял, червен, черен bob byal, cherven, cheren


As a bonus for our readers who lead a healthy lifestyle, we attach a table with food champions in the content of plant protein.

Bon appetit!

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